Thursday, 14 April 2011

New florals...

Another Thursday outfit post! I bought this fab floral dress from Topshop last week (honestly, the 'But I need more clothes! My old ones are too big!' excuse really is wearing thin now...) and I'm wearing it today with my long navy cardie and a leather belt from UniQlo over the top of it all.


  1. I may have seen this outfit somewhere before, but with a grey cardigan... ;)
    I am addicted to that style of dress at the moment - Topshop have so many lovely ones.

  2. You are my fashion guru ; )

  3. Heh, and you are my hair idol! Although your hair style wouldn't work with my hair, so I shall have to stick with the bob.

  4. I adore that dress - great buy! Topshop always has such a great range of dresses! x


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