Monday, 18 April 2011

London Marathon 2011

It was a fantastic day for all of us London Marathon spectators yesterday - slightly too hot and sunny for running, if you ask me, but luckily I wasn't actually running the thing.

Instead, I made (and ate) vast amounts of pancakes...

...took some arty photos...

...cheered on the runners (I was particularly chuffed to get a thumbs-up from Mike Bushell of BBC Breakfast fame!)

...and ate cake. This is Sponge Cake Take Two, made with self-raising flour. The cinnamon loaf was fab, but the cake balls were undoubtedly the star of the show and they disappeared in record time!

And then we saw the most amazing moon over Greenwich on the way home!


  1. Oh, I wanted pictures of the finished cake-balls!

  2. The ones in the other post *were* finished! Well, the chocolate hadn't fully set, but that's pretty much what they looked like...not exactly pretty, I know, but still yummy!

  3. Oops, apologies in that case! I think I just need to go and eat some, as I'm still baffled as to what they're like, despite their being the 'new cupcake' or whatever!

  4. Obviously my cake balls weren't nearly as neat and tidy as the cake pops you see on all the food blogs, but they were delicious nonetheless. You can't really go wrong with cake and frosting all mashed up together and covered in chocolate!


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