Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Keeping it in the family - Simply Portugal Soaps

Anyone mind if I give a bit of free advertising to my mum's lovely soap website? No? Brilliant.

Simply Portugal Soaps is a joint venture between my mum and her friend and soap-maker extraordinaire, Shelley. Shelley lives high up in the mountains in the north of Portugal, and she makes beautiful soaps using lovely natural ingredients. In fact, the olive oil she uses comes from her own olive trees, and the goat's milk comes from her neighbour's goats just across the valley. Mum and I went to visit when we were in Portugal last year and it really is idyllic!

And the soaps really are lovely, too - I'm not just saying that! They come in a whole range of delicious scents, and they're gorgeously moisturising. Shelley has even come up with a camomile and calendula soap, which is especially soothing and great for sensitive skin. I helped my mum out at a craft fair recently and couldn't stop sniffing them all!

You can order online (they're £3.85 per 110g block) and do check out the Facebook page too. Mum is even branching out into doing wedding favours - smaller blocks of soaps in beautiful little gift bags - which I think is a great idea!

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