Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Miserly May...

I did so well during Frugal February - but then unfortunately the weather became all lovely and warm and sunny, and I went on a bit of a spring dress-buying spree and undid all my good work!

So I'm imposing another month of frugality (is that even a word?) which I am going to call Miserly May. It's pay day tomorrow (thank heavens) and from now until May's pay day I will not be buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories. And I'll be trying to keep a close eye on my general spending, too. Which means more weekly menu planning and less 'Oh, I'll just chuck a couple of bottles of that nice wine into my basket'.

I'm already being tempted, though - especially by this gorgeous fruity dress! Perfect for the gorgeous weather we've got in London at the moment (we're forecast 26 degrees for today and tomorrow!)

1 comment:

  1. I know your pain! I'm exactly the same everytime I go to Superdrug for shampoo or a bottle of water. You end up spending quite a lot when you add it all up! Stay strong :)


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