Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Solo running take two...

My running buddy Pete couldn't make our regular Tuesday night running appointment today, so I decided to get out there on my own. I expect you're all getting bored with the endless photos of my watch, so here are my feet instead:

And here's my time - 1:07.27, which is very respectable! I took a photo of my watch just to prove I'd done it, although I'm sure Pete will still accuse me of pressing the 'start' button on my watch and sitting on the sofa for an hour and seven minutes!

The hardest thing really is getting myself out of the house in the first place. Once I'm running, I'm absolutely fine, but getting out there is really tough without someone else there to motivate me. I'm also constantly worried about my pace, but judging by my two solo efforts so far, I don't really need to be!

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