Saturday, 28 May 2011

13.1 miles...

The last time I ran 13.1 miles, it was in March last year at the Bath Half Marathon. My time then was 2:35, which I was really disappointed about because I'd trained for a sub-2:30 time and was really hoping to get one. Since then, as you know, we've been seriously focusing on our running, and this week Pete and I decided to go for it and run our own half marathon. And here's our time:

2:08.16! I actually can't believe it! I'd hoped for sub-2:15, and as I was feeling really good for most of the run (apart from the hilly bits!) I was quietly confident that we'd do it, but I never expected 2:08! I am beyond chuffed. It's actually quite strange trying to get my head around it - running a half used to be A Big Deal. They were things to be trained for and worried about; things that would probably require a day off work in order to recover. But now I find myself in a situation where I can just go out on a Saturday morning and run 13.1 miles! I almost feel like we must have 'cheated' in some way - but I mapped the route meticulously on Map My Run, and it was definitely 13.15 miles, and we were held up for a full two minutes trying to cross a big main road!


  1. Well done, thats a fantastic time, and all without the euphoria of a race day.

  2. Thanks! Bizarrely I always seem to be *worse* on organised race days - I think the pressure must get to me!


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