Monday, 9 May 2011

Bringing my cookery into the digital age...

I've had this set of kitchen scales for a good few years now - I bought them from Morrisons and they cost a whole five pounds. And they were OK, but only OK - it was always really difficult to get them to actually read zero before you started, and they weren't at all accurate. The imperial bit just had pounds with four little markings between each number, and every time I used them I'd have to think ' many ounces in a pound again? 16? So each one of these markings is 4oz...?' which was a bit of a pain in the bum.

Over Easter, I used my mum's shiny digital scales and couldn't believe how quick and easy they were to use - and so today I decided to treat myself to a set. They were only £14.99 from Argos, but they're brilliant!

I love the fact that you can weigh things straight into the bowl you're going to use to mix them, and the fact that it measures liquids as well as dry ingredients, and the fact that you can weigh one ingredient, set it back to zero, and weigh the next ingredient in the same bowl. Less washing up! And they're much easier to store away than my old ones. I think they'll make my life so much easier - I weigh things like pasta and rice for everyday meals, which I know makes me sound like some kind of obsessive weirdo, but portion control is something I really struggle with and if I'm not careful I find that I end up with massive portions, which of course I then eat! And it's going to be much easier to just whip these scales out than it ever was faffing about with the old ones.


  1. I love my digital scales, you won't look back :-)

  2. I have those exact ones! They are really good for my tiny kitchen because the ones with a bowl take up so much room.


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