Thursday, 5 April 2012


Every now and then I treat myself to a manicure - mainly because I hate doing my nails myself and I can never be bothered to spend the time to make them look nice! The other day one of the girls from work had her nails done and it looked so nice that I thought I'd get mine done as well. There's a brilliant salon just round the corner from the office - their manicures are £10 and they're fab. Usually I just go for one coat of a very, very neutral colour but I'm going to a party with a 'Hollywood glamour' theme this weekend so I thought I'd have a bit of colour. I have quite short nails and quite small hands, so I was a bit worried that the dark polish would make them look even shorter and smaller, but actually I think it makes my nails look really nice!

I haven't chipped it so far...fingers crossed...!

I'm off to visit my parents for the Easter weekend today, so I hope everyone has a lovely weekend with lots of chocolate and hot cross buns!

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