Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Food Fest...

I'm back from my Easter weekend in Somerset feeling absolutely stuffed - we made all sorts of gorgeous things to eat!

First off, my mum finally got the ice cream maker for her (beautiful) Kenwood Chef out of the cupboard - it was her birthday present from me and my sister last year, but she hadn't used it! It's really clever, with a bowl that you freeze, a larger plastic bowl, and a paddle attachment to complete the transformation from Chef to ice cream machine. We used this maple syrup ice cream recipe (we love maple syrup in our house thanks to the four years we spent in New England when my sister and I were little) and unfortunately we were far too excited about watching the ice cream churning to remember to take photos, so you can have a sneaky pic of the finished product instead!
We used more maple syrup than the recipe suggested, and rippled some through the soft ice cream before it went into the freezer to fully set, and it was amazing. Really smooth, really creamy and incredibly delicious!

We then revisited the chocolate pie I made a couple of weeks ago, but as my sister wasn't around we didn't have to worry about making it totally gluten-and-dairy-free. While shopping for biscuits we spotted some almond ones in Waitrose, so we used half almond biscuits and half ordinary digestives. Great idea! The chocolate filling was the same as before, except we used almond milk to carry on the almondy theme, and we decorated it with some edible gold leaf just to make it posh!
(Can you tell I was let loose with my mum's smart Nikon DSLR camera?)

And finally, we made a lemon drizzle cake - but it was a bit of a disaster! When it came out of the oven looking seriously misshapen and a bit odd, my mum remembered that she'd tried the recipe before, a couple of years ago, and had ended up with a weird cake then as well. But we sliced it in half, sandwiched the two halves together with buttercream to hide the wonkiness, and topped it with lemon icing, fluffy chicks and Mini Eggs. You can't go wrong with that, and it did taste far better than it looked! A bit of clever photography also helped...!
I'm not going to post the recipe, because it's so impossible to get right that it's been banished from my mum's recipe file, but at least we made it look half decent in the end!


  1. Allie, I just now discovered your blog. I love that it is a treasure chest of all kinds of recipes, but what I like most is that you have so many healthy new recipes to try. I am a 66 year old grandma, and in the last year I've lost 55 pounds. I have another 15 to go and I'm hoping with the warmer weather on the way I can get outside and do some fresh-air exercising. You had me hooked on your Oaty Banana Pancakes and then I saw your Raspberries and Banana Cream Baked Oatmeal. Well, you certainly make eating health a yummy adventure. I am your newest follower # 59 and I would love to invite you over to my blog. I hope you like it and will decide to follow me as well. Not a recipe blog, but an arts, travel and photography space, Connie :)

  2. Hello Connie! I think you win the prize for the nicest comment I have ever had! I still feel like a blogging newcomer and I'm only just starting to find readers who aren't already my friends and family, so it's great to hear from you. Congratulations on your weight loss, and I'm now following your blog too! Love your photography.


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