Thursday, 12 April 2012

The 2012 PSB Mountain...

That's purple sprouting broccoli, for those not in the know!

It's Veg Box Week again, but I didn't take a photo of Tuesday's box because it was rather soggy after a massive rain/hailstorm and I just wanted to get all the veg dried and into the fridge as quickly as possible! Anyway, this week my box contained onions, carrots, swiss chard, little gem lettuce, cherry vine tomatoes, potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. I love PSB...and it's a good job, too, because my mum sent me home after Easter with a bag of the stuff from her garden!

Last night I went for a run, as usual on a Wednesday, and I'd originally planned to have beans on toast when I got home, but then I remembered about the ton of PSB in the fridge and thought I'd better use some of that instead. I wanted something quick, as I don't get home from running until after 8.30pm, and gradually a sort of eggs florentine idea started to form. Before my run, I made a batch of Angela's amazing sauce, and then when I got home I toasted some rye bread, steamed some PSB in the microwave, reheated the sauce and fried an egg. In an ideal world I'd have poached the egg, but I couldn't be bothered!
Toast, PSB, egg, sauce, black pepper. It was really nice! And I still have half the batch of sauce in the fridge - I think I'm going to have it stirred through some pasta with yet more PSB.

Unfortunately I then undid all my healthy running and vegetable-eating work by slaughtering a Lindt Easter bunny...
...but these things happen!

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