Friday, 13 April 2012

Instagram, swiss chard and potato curry, and eating better...

The extremely trendy and popular Instagram app has just become available for Android, and of course, as someone who loves taking photos with their phone, I've downloaded it! I've been having lots of fun trying to work out how to use the thing, and it's already inspired me to do something new. My eating habits have been absolutely awful just recently - two weeks of eating whatever I wanted because I was building up to a half marathon/I'd just done a half marathon followed by an Easter weekend full of (lovely) cheese, wine, cake and puddings means I really feel like I need to get back on track before my jeans get any tighter!

So I've set up a tumblr blog called What Allie Ate Today, where I'll be using Instagram to share photos of everything I eat. The theory is that if I actually have to take a photo of my food and share it with the internet, I might be less likely to eat badly!

And then this evening I used the swiss chard from my veg box to make Hugh F-W's chard and potato curry, from my River Cottage Veg Every Day book. The original used new potatoes, but I've still got a couple of big baking potatoes from my last veg box (and a new bag of smaller Desiree ones from this week's) so I used one of those, and the whole head of chard, which turned out to be about 200g. Instead of mixing the tomato purée with yogurt and stirring it in, I mixed it with a tiny bit of almond milk, and I ended up with a gorgeously spicy and soupy curry.
I had it with some mango chutney and didn't bother with rice or naan as it already had enough carbohydrate for me - OK, so I ended up eating two big bowls of the stuff, but I only actually ate one potato, a load of greens and some spices!

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