Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend baking!

My friend Kim came to stay for the weekend, and yesterday we went to my friend Leonie's boat for a towpath barbecue. I was instructed to bring something for pudding - and I don't need any excuse to get baking! So Kim and I raided my recipe files and settled on my favourite fudgy cocoa brownie recipe, and a raspberry bakewell cake that I'd been meaning to try for ages.

The brownie batter looked amazing...

...and then we took our cakes along to the canal on a surprisingly sunny evening!

We also met this little tiger...

...and the raspberry bakewell cake turned out amazingly well!

As did the brownies!

We had LOADS of food - including strawberries wrapped up in foil with chunks of dark chocolate (and a sneaky chocolate brownie) and baked in the embers of the barbecue. Absolutely gorgeous - what a fantastic idea!


  1. So glad that you and Kim enjoyed the Bakewell Cake Allie!! I love it when that happens. I love for my favourite recipes to become someone elses! I love your little ginger cat!! I have a weakness for ginger cats. They are my favourite ones of all! xxoo

  2. It really is a wonderful recipe, Marie!

    Sadly the little ginger cat isn't mine - he's Leonie's and his name is Richard Parker (because he lives on a boat!)


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