Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Not the sort of thing I enjoy posting about...

...but I had to share a few photos of the disturbances in my neck of the woods last night. There have been riots across London, with looting and criminal damage and all sorts going on. It's frankly disgusting - from what I can tell it's mindless violence and thuggery, occasionally hung on some flimsy 'We're showing the rich we own this town/we want our taxes back/stupid government' bollocks.

Thankfully my bit of London wasn't as badly affected as other areas have been, but it wasn't a pretty sight this morning.

The good news is that Londoners are pulling together (we're very good at doing that) and by this morning, teams of 'Riot Wombles' were gathering to help with the clean-up operation. I'm not a very political person, and I don't feel I know enough about all the various issues to really comment on what's happened, but like everyone I'm shocked and saddened and disappointed and angry at what's been done to my beautiful city.

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  1. Its absolutely awful whats going on and how out of hand its getting! Makes me so angry. Luckily things all seem calm in scotland just now - hope it stays that way! Keep safe xxxx


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