Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tofu and veg...

We haven't had a good old 'photo of my dinner' post for ages, have we! I was telling my mum and dad about tonight's food - whenever I phone home, they always ask what I'm having to eat. We like food in my family! And the combination of tofu and veg is one of my favourites. I just made a big pot of veggie stew-type thing, with onion, mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli, chick peas and a tin of tomatoes, with a little bit of curry paste to give it a bit of interest. When it had all cooked down, I fried some tofu in the tiniest little spray of oil from my spray bottle, and I made a little minty yogurty raita thing with Total 0% yogurt and mint from my windowbox. Unbelievably healthy, protein-packed and extremely yummy!


  1. Your spray bottle, do you mix your oil with water???

  2. Nope - I just use plain sunflower oil. It's actually an old Fry Light bottle that I refilled and it's really useful for just giving a light spray of oil!

  3. Thanks for that. I have a spray bottle but never know whether to mix with water or not so have never used it ..... it's time to dust it off :-)


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