Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's a sign you're getting older...

...when you start lusting after kitchen appliances. The 'Start' button on my trusty microwave is going - you have to creep up on it and surprise it, or rub your finger on it until it magically starts working, or try to fool it by pressing 'Stop' a couple of times before stabbing the 'Start' button. And it just so happened that this week's Stylist magazine featured a little snippet about the Whirlpool Max microwave.

How cool is that? It'll fit into a corner, which would be a godsend in my tiny kitchen - my current microwave takes up about two-thirds of the only work surface I have. And it has a steamer function, and a grill! People can be a bit sniffy about microwaves, as if owning one means you eat nothing but supermarket ready meals, but that's not the case at all - I use mine for making porridge, heating up my own homemade things and leftovers, and for steaming veg (hence why the idea of the steamer function excites me!)

It's around £115, which is quite a lot for a microwave, but I think it's fab. I wish my birthday wasn't so far away!

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