Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Frugal February: Week Two

Yep, we're two weeks in, and I think things are going well so far! I did buy a pair of gloves on Sunday, but that was an emergency (I thought the weather was going to be warmer than it actually was, so I didn't bring my gloves, and my hands froze) and the gloves I bought were £1 from Petticoat Lane market, so it hardly counts!

Today is pay day, and usually I'd 'treat myself' to a look around the shops and a couple of purchases. But not this month! I'm being sorely tempted by a couple of things, namely a pair of boots in the Clarks sale (half price and utterly gorgeous, but should I really be buying knee-high leather boots when March is just around the corner?) and a dress in the Oasis sale (again, gorgeous, but I don't need to buy it) but I'm resisting! I do need to go to the shops this evening, because I've run out of hair stuff, but I will only be buying the two hair products I actually need. And I have a double points voucher for Boots.

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