Friday, 1 October 2010

Weekword: Ten

Domestic Scribbles chose this week's word - ten.

My first thought was, seeing as October is the tenth month and it's also my birthday month, to find a photo of my tenth birthday. My mum always used to make wonderful cakes for our birthdays, so I confidently assumed there'd be a photo of me blowing out the candles on a fantastic birthday cake. Unfortunately, 1991 was the year I chose a local swimming pool for my birthday party, and we only have a few photos of a soggy-looking me! So here's a photo of me aged ten instead.


  1. I wish we all had got the same idea! Would have been great fun to see a bunch of ten-year-olds!

  2. AWESOME! Another October birthday 10th was in '83 though. ;o) Thank you so much for posting!


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