Sunday, 3 October 2010


One of the first photos I posted on this blog was of the 2009 sloe gin bottling - and now we've picked this year's sloes and they're in big jars with lots of gin and sugar!


  1. what are sloes? they look like a fruit? blueberry? cranberry? what is the liquid they are floating in?
    ha! sorry for all the questions...

  2. Sloes are a fruit - they're not related to blueberries or cranberries even though they look a bit like them! They're far too bitter to eat raw, but they're used to make sloe gin, as we've done here - you split the skins by pouring boiling water on them or by pricking them with a needle, and then you put the sloes into jars with sugar and plenty of gin (we used 7 litres this year!) and leave it all to mature for about three months, stirring it every day for the first week and then every few days after that. Usually you pick sloes after the first frost, but ours were already starting to split and fall off the trees, so we got out there and picked them!

    Sloe gin is a gorgeous sweet fruity liqueur that's lovely either on its own or with tonic water.


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