Monday, 4 October 2010

Tube strike survival kit...

Today we had a Tube strike, so I made sure I was prepared! I was all set to walk to work if necessary (it's only about five and a half miles) and even though reports said my bit of the Tube network was running normally, I wasn't taking any chances so I brought my trainers and map and easy-to-carry rucksack just in case. Thankfully in the end I didn't have any problems whatsoever - I felt quite bad listening to the people at work who commute from the other side of town (or from parts of west London with no Tube service today) describing their hellish journeys!


  1. I'm so behind on reading the news... did the strike get resolved? I thought I heard it was for a single day? and what were they striking about - wages? unsafe working conditions?
    love your blog....
    can't wait to see what you post for your WeekWord interpretation of "senses"

  2. It was only a one-day strike, but the conflict between the transport unions and Transport for London hasn't been resolved, so there will probably be more strikes in the future. The unions are unhappy with TfL's plans to close ticket offices because they say it'll lead to job losses.


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