Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sorting things out!

I'm having one of my periodic financial crises. I get paid on the 22nd of the month, and thanks to a few birthdays, trips and a bit too much shopping, this month has been a real struggle and I've had to dip into my (already quite meagre) savings just to get through to Thursday. Not good! I've also been struggling to eat as well as I'd like to - I've fallen into the 'too much wine at the pub followed by a dirty takeaway on the way home' temptation trap far too many times recently, which isn't good for either the waistline or the bank balance!

So as it's now officially spring, which seems like a good time for a fresh start and some positive thinking, I'm going to attempt to sort things out and get back on track. To that end, I've joined the excellent Shoeperwoman's Wardrobe Challenge. She does a Shoe Challenge every year, where you have to 'save' your shoes by wearing them - at the end of the year, any pairs you haven't worn have to be thrown away or sent to the charity shop or whatever. And now she's doing a similar thing with her wardrobe. It's such a good idea - I'm frequently guilty of buying new things for the sake of it (do I actually need another dress with birds on it?) rather than wearing the perfectly good clothes I already have, and I do have far too many items of clothing in my wardrobe. So I'll be attempting to 'save' my clothes by wearing them, and I'll be trying not to buy new things.

I'm also going to put a stop to the post-pub takeaways! My veg box has really helped to keep me away from the supermarket over the last week or so, and I've made some lovely healthy things, so it really is just this awful 'must get something to eat on the way home' habit that I've got to kick into touch. It's embarrassing, because everyone thinks of me as this ultra-healthy runner who eats lots of vegetables, and there I am shoving a horrible greasy pizza into my mouth at half past midnight. Yuck. Unfortunately after a couple of glasses of wine my self-control tends to go out of the window, but I'm going to try my best!

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