Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day!

Yes indeed, today is Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday). So guess what I did? I made a quite obscene amount of pancakes, and then I ate them all.

My basic batter followed the recipe that my mum has always used - four dessertspoonfuls of flour, one egg and enough milk to turn it into a double cream sort of consistency. Then you swirl the batter in a hot non-stick pan - don't worry, the first pancake is always rubbish - and the trick is to wait until the edges have started to lift away from the sides before you think about moving or turning the pancake. We used to have pancake races at primary school, but these days I'm a bit more cautious and I prefer to flip my pancakes with a spatula rather than tossing them!

So I started off with savoury pancakes, which I baked like cannelloni - I fried up some mushrooms and spinach with garlic, black pepper and a tiny bit of pesto for the filling, then made some pancakes and rolled them up with the filling before baking them in my little Le Creuset dish with some tomato sauce (or passata) on top.
Yum yum! And then of course I had yet more pancakes, this time with maple syrup. You'll notice I make proper English pancakes - the thin variety, rather than the thick American sort - but having spent four years of my childhood in New England, I do like a bit of maple syrup!

And then I watched Blur performing at the BRIT Awards and wondered whether it might actually be 1995 again...but sadly Damon Albarn looks too old and they'd never let a 14-year-old rent a flat on her own, so it must be 2012 after all!

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