Sunday, 12 February 2012

Birthday cake!

It was my friend's birthday last month, but she was away, so she arranged a bit of a belated birthday celebration. And I thought she needed a cake, so I made a chocolatey confection topped with Smarties...
I just used my usual sponge recipe (weigh four eggs, then use the same weight of butter, sugar and self-raising flour) and replaced 75g of the flour with cocoa powder. Then I made a chocolatey chocolate ganache - I based it on a recipe I found in the Dairy Book of Home Cookery but essentially made it up because I didn't have enough icing sugar. It ended up being 130g of butter and 90ml of milk, microwaved until the butter melted, and then I added 100g of cocoa powder and about 150g of icing sugar and used my electric beater to beat it all together until it was smooth and lovely. It worked really well - I left it to cool for a bit and it went nice and thick and spreadable. Yum yum!


  1. That is a) an amazing looking cake and b) the best sponge recipe I've ever read. thank you.

  2. Looks great. Do you weigh the eggs in their shells?

  3. Yep, weigh the eggs in their shells. Four eggs gives enough mixture for two normal-sized (8" I think?) sandwich tins, and in my oven they took 25 minutes to bake at 180C.


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