Friday, 10 June 2011

Soda bread with a difference...

Yep, it's another 'see a recipe, make it as soon as possible' one! My sister's coming to stay again in a few weeks' time, so when I spotted a recipe for gluten-free soda bread on one of my favourite blogs, Apple and Spice, I knew I had to give it a trial run. The photos looked incredible!

I decided to halve the quantities and make a little test loaf - and I didn't have a small enough tin, so I just plopped the dough onto a baking tray. Very rustic! I also couldn't find teff flour, so I just used buckwheat flour, brown rice flour and chickpea flour (again!). My halved quantities ended up being 75g of buckwheat, 75g of brown rice, and 50g of chickpea flour. I also used Kara coconut milk, because that's the only milk I have these days, so it's dairy-free as well! My loaf didn't rise as much as the one on Apple and Spice, and the texture seems to be a bit more dense, but it's really nice. Often, gluten-free breads can end up being chalky, with a funny aftertaste, but this one isn't like that at all. It has the faintest hint of the gluten-free about it, thanks to the slightly beany taste of the buckwheat and chickpea flours, but it's seriously yummy nonetheless.

It went perfectly with a (steaming) bowl of spicy tomatoey chickpea and vegetable stew!

I have a feeling this bread tastes best just after it's made (I had a little taster straight from the oven with butter and it was gorgeous) but I've got half of my little loaf left and tomorrow I'm going to see how it toasts so I can have it with scrambled eggs as a post-run treat.

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