Wednesday, 8 June 2011


On Monday night, I went over to my friend Lan's house for a fabulously girly evening of healthy nibbles and toenail painting. Lan had told me about this incredible stuff called Shellac, which is a special nail varnish that won't chip. It's guaranteed to last two weeks on fingernails, but on toenails it can last much longer than that. It sounded perfect - I hate my toenails and always feel ridiculously self-conscious about wearing sandals. Usually I just slap on a few layers of badly-applied nail varnish and avoid showing my toes unless it's absolutely necessary, so the idea of a nail varnish that would a) last a decent amount of time and b) possibly make my feet look halfway normal was very appealing!

The lovely Rowena spent three hours painting our nails, and this is what we ended up with!

I love it! I went for hot pink, and it's really summery and incredibly shiny. And that's how it's going to stay for the next however many weeks! My feet look normal in sandals!

And there was an added bonus, too - going to see Lan means going to see Mabel, dog extraordinaire!

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