Friday, 24 June 2011

Lazy Giraffe Jewellery...

I have a bit of a thing about pretty jewellery, and Lazy Giraffe Jewellery is one of my favourite places to browse when I want to find new things to lust over! It's run by the lovely Deepa, who really does make the most beautiful things. I'd been sighing over her Petite Rose Ring for months - I've got quite small hands, so I like very delicate rings, and it's just perfect. So imagine my surprise when a very lovely friend (who is obviously very good at picking up on hints...!) bought it for me!

Doesn't it look lovely? And the best news is that Lazy Giraffe has free shipping this weekend!

And yes, I am wearing it on my ring finger. I often wear rings on the third fingers of my right and left hands, just because I like to. I once caused a Facebook furore when I modelled a fingerless glove someone had knitted - I happened to be wearing a not-very-interesting plain ring from Accessorize on my left ring finger, and people went mental assuming I'd secretly got myself engaged! For a start, if I did get engaged I'd tell my friends in person rather than letting them find out via Facebook, and more to the point, if I did get engaged I'd want a significantly more sparkly ring than the one I wore for that photo!

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