Saturday, 2 June 2012

Zoo Lates!

Despite having lived in London for 12 years, I'd never been to London Zoo. It's expensive and touristy and full of screaming kids, right? Well, yes, but not when you go to Zoo Lates. Every Friday evening in June and July, the zoo is open for adults only, and as well as being able to see all of the animals and all of the usual exhibits, there are bars and food stalls and all sorts of bits of entertainment.

I went with my friend Leonie and as neither of us had been to the zoo before, we decided to give the comedy/cabaret/silent disco bits a miss and concentrate on the animals themselves. With a glass of Pimm's, of course.
We saw SO MANY amazing things! Glittery pirahnas. Gorillas. Giraffes. Okapis. Zebras. Meerkats. Coatis being fed. A SNAKE eating a WHOLE CHICKEN. And then we went into the rainforest bit and oh my goodness, there's a SLOTH all reclined like he's asleep. And another sloth going on a sloth-about and climbing (slowly...) around above everyone's heads. It was brilliant!

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