Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Frugal February: Week Three

My 'Frugal February' will be 'Miserly March' from now on - I started a week late, so I've got one more week to go!

This week has been excellent - I haven't bought any clothes, shoes or accessories whatsoever. I did spend a fair amount on my weekend away last weekend, but that doesn't count because it had been in my diary for months and I knew I'd be spending money. I only bought food and drinks, though, and we had vouchers for dinner at Pizza Express on Friday night and there were 2 for 1 cocktails on Saturday! And, of course, not being in London made everything seem cheaper anyway.

Before I started this, I assumed that by this point I'd be desperate to hit the shops, and I'd have a huge list of things I'd want to rush out and buy. But in fact, having had the chance to sit back and really think about whether I need things or just want them, I don't have a huge shopping wishlist after all. I've decided it'd be silly to buy those boots from Clarks, because I probably won't wear them until next winter (by which point there will no doubt be other gorgeous boots in the shops!) and the only thing I actually want is another pair of Topshop skinny jeans, in black, because the navy ones I have fit so well.

And I feel like I've been rewarded for not spending - yesterday, I found out I'd won £50 to spend at Aspire Style, thanks to Ria's brilliant About Your Dress blog! I'm so excited - there are some gorgeous dresses on there, so I'll have to have a proper browse and decide what to spend my winnings on!

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