Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A most excellent Christmas present...

My sister got me one of these for Christmas:

It's a cook's measure and it's so clever - all around the inside there are different markings for different wet and dry ingredients, and you just pour your chosen ingredient in until it comes up to the corresponding level. So, for example, I wanted 50g of risotto rice:

Brilliant, eh? I then made the most fantastic risotto - actually, it was less of a risotto and more of a ton of green veg with a bit of risotto mixed in. I used curly kale and grated courgette, with a bit of nutmeg and a lot of black pepper stirred through at the end along with a little bit of extra-light Philly for extra creaminess. And I had to put a poached egg on top, didn't I!


  1. love your new background... this utensil looks absolutely useful! do you think this is available in the US?

  2. I'm not sure...I had a quick search on Amazon.com and couldn't see anything like it, but I might be looking in the wrong place! I could have sworn I'd seen one on an American blog, but maybe not. Lakeland sell them - http://www.lakeland.co.uk/tala-cook%27s-measure/F/C/preparing-food/C/preparing-food-weights-measures/product/13046 - but their delivery charge to non-EU countries is £20!

  3. I have the same measure, I treated myself to it when I was ordering some Lakeland things for gifts, I love it!


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