Sunday, 23 January 2011

More DIY...

Last weekend, this chest of drawers arrived. Supposedly only needing 'minimal assembly', it was actually totally flat-packed and I had to put it all together myself! I think I did a fairly good job, though - and it's made my bedroom look so much tidier!


  1. Allie, That bedspread is really pretty!

    Also the chest of drawers are looking great :)

  2. Yeah, I had my parents over to have fun with the flat packs :-) Minimal assembly my shiny behind...

  3. looks brilliant, well done you

  4. hey just noticed your changed your background... makes me think of Springtime!

    I love getting more organized! my plans for the weekend got derailed a bit (see my blog)... but, perhaps it's a message to slow down.


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