Friday, 10 December 2010

Weekword: Synaesthesia

Joye suggested this week's word - synaesthesia. If you're thinking 'you what??' (which is quite understandable!) it's a sort of condition where people see different words or numbers as different colours or shapes. A sort of mixing of the senses. Someone might hear the word 'happy' and see yellow, for example.

I didn't think I had it, until I happened to mention to someone that, for me, words have personalities. Anything beginning with 'st' is frowning and stern. Anything beginning with 'sm' is nasty and slimy and creepy. But words beginning with 'ch' are quite relaxed and happy. And apparently that counts as synaesthesia!

I'm hosting Weekword next week, so come back on Monday to see which word I'll choose!


  1. i know that feeling!

    oh good, i'll stop by monday to see what you come up with.

  2. whup! whup! I struggled with finding a pic for this word... and look at you - simple pic of a dictionary! I love it!
    Looking forward to the next WEEKWORD... an easier one, pleeze...


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