Friday, 5 November 2010

Weekword: Abundance

Christine chose this week's Weekword and it's a great one!

'Abundance' immediately makes me think of food - it's quite apt for this time of year, because it makes me think of harvests and apple trees groaning with fruit. But abundance isn't something that often features in my own kitchen, as I'm cooking for one most of the time! This weekend, though, I'll be cooking for six or seven people and there is currently an abundance of fruit in my house - I'm planning to make Jamie Oliver's baked fruit so it's plums and nectarines a-go-go round here at the moment!


  1. Gorgeous photo! And I love the spotty bowl.

  2. trees "groaning" with fruit... what an illustration... did you serve it over cake or ice cream? I've never tried Jamie Oliver's recipes but they certainly look easy enough... I think I'll pass this off to JPE (he's the cook in my family)...
    thanks for participating in WeekWord...

  3. Abundance of fruit, yum! I am new to the weekword bloggers so nice to meet you!

  4. Christine - we had it with creme fraiche, which was lovely, but it'd be really good with ice-cream too. Jamie used brandy in his version but as I didn't have any I used sloe gin and it was gorgeous!

  5. I always think of food too! Your fruit looks beautiful, and boozy fruit (as my mum in law calls it) always seems so decadent...

  6. Joye - nice to see you!

    Boozy fruit is indeed always a good idea. I don't cook for large numbers very often, so I was a bit worried about how it would all turn out, but everything was demolished rather quickly so I think it went down well!


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