Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Before and after...

This is a bit of a smug self-indulgent post, so please forgive me!

Three and a half months ago, I weighed 11 stone 3 (that's 157lbs or 71kg) and I looked like this:

Yes, that photo was taken from a really unflattering angle, and that's mainly my dress sticking out, not my stomach, but it's safe to say I was mildly horrified when it popped up on Facebook! So I decided something had to be done. And as of this morning, I now weigh 9 stone 12 (which is 138lbs or 63kg)! Here's a photo of me taken last night - I'd just got back from a run, so excuse the red face! Pete and I also managed to set a new personal best for our 7.5-mile route - it's all good in the realms of health and fitness at the moment!


  1. You have done fantastically well and should be very proud of your self, you look amazing but then I am biased.. : )

  2. Yay well done you, you look amazing!


  3. congrats!!! i need to get on the "daily" exercise regiment... and smaller portion sizes. thanks for the inspiration & sharing.

  4. Keep up the great work! Once you do it there's NO going back, and everything - from eating to buying clothes to going out all decked out - feels better in life! Congrats.

  5. Just found your blog and love it.

    Well done on your progress, you look like a different woman, congrats.

    Vics x


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