Monday, 8 November 2010

Oh it's getting wintry out there!

So the clocks went back just over a week ago, and it's now decidedly dark when I leave work, let alone when I get home! It doesn't seem like five minutes ago I was posting those '5.15pm and it's not quite dark!' updates and now here we are, going into winter again. Luckily I like autumn and winter, because my birthday, Bonfire Night and Christmas all come in autumn and winter, but even so, the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees in the last couple of days and it's getting really quite chilly!


  1. when is Bonfire Night? oh my goodness - it looks very dark. I left work tonight at 5:15, & it was dark before I got home. I DID get to see the sun dip into the ocean as it went down... bea-U-T-ful...

  2. Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes' Night) was on the 5th. 'Remember, remember the fifth of November - gunpowder, treason and plot'!

    Stupidly I didn't take my camera along to the fireworks display I went to - fireworks never seem to come out well in photos and I didn't want to spend the whole display trying to get a decent shot rather than enjoying watching it all!

  3. That's a great pic Allie - I never have much luck taking photographs at night so I'm a bit jealous!

    I'm so glad the clocks have gone back, but as I start work at 7.30am (and some days need to be on the motorway by 6am) that extra hour of light first thing is invaluable :)

  4. NOVEMBER is so different where I live?? love my sweaters & gloves & scarves... perhaps I'll just have to visit London again??


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