Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cat and the Cream cupcakes...

Can I just take a minute to say OH. MY. GOD...
That, my friends, is a banana, walnut and chocolate chip cupcake with butterscotch icing from Cat and the Cream. Not only is it utterly delicious, it's also vegan and wheat-free (they don't use products containing gluten either, but can't legally label their food as gluten-free or coeliac-friendly as they don't have a specifically dedicated gluten-free kitchen) and they use ingredients that are as natural as possible, like unrefined sugars and nut milks.

I was in Piccadilly earlier and happened to stumble into Whole Foods (whoops...) and then I happened to stumble upon this beautiful range of cupcakes in the chiller cabinet. Look at the cute little container - perfect for keeping your cupcake in pristine condition!
There were all sorts of amazing flavours, but I chose just the one - I'll definitely be going back to try some of the others, though! The cake was quite dense, but that worked with the banana bread feel - I was tempted by the 'pure chocolate' cupcake so I'll have to try that one next and see what their chocolate cake is like! And the icing was gorgeous - so often buttercream can be really sickly but even this butterscotch version wasn't too sweet and it wasn't at all cloying.
They were quite expensive, £2.69 each, but if you're vegan or wheat-free and you want a seriously incredible indulgent treat, I'd get my hands on one of these if I were you! I'm now trying to work out how to get back to Whole Foods to pick up a selection to take down to Somerset for my family next Friday...


  1. I can vouch for the chocolate ones being amazing. They are a little habit forming, you may find yourself looking for any excuse to go to Wholefoods.

  2. I agree! I picked up a few more flavours and took them down to Somerset at the weekend - we all tried a bit of each and they all got a huge thumbs-up from everyone. We had the peanut butter banana and cashew, lemon lime and coconut, chocolate coconut and raspberry, chocolate mint and raspberry and the pure chocolate and they were all amazing. I particularly liked the lemon and lime - the grapefruit curd inside was gorgeous and the cake was really moist - and the chocolate mint and raspberry.

  3. I think I may have to try one of those when I come up to London. The lemon and lime one sounds gorgeous.

  4. Thanks to Cat and the Cream, by the way, who kindly linked to this post on their Facebook page! Go and 'like' them, they're clearly lovely people : )


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