Monday, 21 May 2012

Bristol 10K 20/5/12

This weekend I headed down to Bristol for what was actually my first proper organised 10K run! I was running with my friends (well, they're more like honorary sisters) Anna and Tori, raising money for a really fantastic cause.

We all had a brilliant day - none of us were expecting all that much, as we'd all struggled with illness in recent days and weeks, but the weather was perfect and we were all determined to finish the run. Special mention should go to Tori, who was worried about her cough but actually ended up being struck down with a sore knee halfway round! But she made it to the finish! And I managed to totally exceed my expectations with a new PB - I knocked 35 seconds off my 10K time from the Reading half marathon and managed a time of 55:05. Slightly annoyed that I didn't run six seconds faster and end up sub-55, but a PB is a PB!

Here I am looking knackered at the finish (I wasn't expecting my mum and dad to be there taking photos!)
...and here's all three of us with our medals!
The race was really well organised and it was great fun. It was a little bit quiet, because there weren't that many places where people could stand and cheer, which came as a real contrast after Reading, and I wasn't too impressed with the collection of the timing chips - instead of being part of the medal/goody bag/water 'funnel' after the finish, there were just people collecting the chips in the race village and it wasn't immediately obvious where they were. I can imagine a lot of people forgetting to hand in their chip! But all in all it was a fab day (topped off perfectly with a lovely family barbecue) and we've raised an amazing £730, so we're really chuffed!

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