Saturday, 14 January 2012

Let's talk about bras...

For one reason or another, bras have featured quite heavily in my life just recently! We had a thorough discussion about bras and bra fitting in the office the other day, and that spurred me into making a trip to Rigby and Peller and buying a couple of new bras that actually fit, rather than the pre-weight-loss, decidedly baggy and old, ones I'd been wearing for shamefully longer than I should have!

First things first - the majority of women out there are wearing the wrong bra size. Women have a tendency to think that they can't possibly be 'that big' in the cups (fuelled, I think, by the stereotype of the 'DD cup' Page Three girl) and that they can't possibly be 'that small' around the back (because we always think we're fatter than we are). Too many women also rely on those old-fashioned calculations that tell you to measure round your back, then measure round your boobs and work out your cup size based on how many inches' difference there is - but I'm afraid that just does not work. For years, I went by what I was told by a bra fitter in a well-known British shop - she said I was a 34B, so a 34B is what I wore. Even though the straps fell down and the cups gaped. Then one day I was at a friend's house and the conversation turned to bras, and she actually laughed at me when I told her what bra size I was wearing. She told me in no uncertain terms that I should get myself to R&P for a fitting - and lo and behold, I instantly went down a back size and up two cup sizes! Plus, I ended up with two lovely bras that felt comfortable and fitted in all the right places.

Since then, I've become something of an evangelist when it comes to the subject of getting properly fitted (as you can probably tell!) Yes, bras from places like Rigby and Peller and Bravissimo are more expensive than high-street bras. But they fit beautifully, and with just a little bit of care and attention they'll last absolutely ages. I'd rather spend £100 on two well-made bras that make me look and feel great than spend £100 on five ill-fitting cheaper bras that dig in and gape and generally annoy the heck out of me. And no, the people who do the fittings don't maul you like Trinny and Susannah! So if you haven't done so already - please, go and get yourself a proper bra!

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