Tuesday, 4 October 2011

From summer to autumn...

Having been down to visit my parents for the weekend, I came home with a very heavy bag of apples from their trees! My mum and dad currently have apples coming out of their ears - even the horse is getting slightly sick of them and they've resorted to heaping them up in a cardboard box outside the house with a big 'FREE APPLES' sign - so I gladly took a few off their hands.

And what am I doing with said apples? Well, some lovely small ones, gorgeously sweet and juicy, are making a fab addition to my morning porridge. And there are a couple of eating apples and a couple of pears in the fruit bowl for future snacking. But I also brought a load of cooking apples back with me, and I knew exactly what they were destined for. Yep, another batch of caramel apple jam - just like last year! There's a direct link to the recipe here - although, as before, I didn't use any pectin. I just boiled the jam for a good 20 minutes and (fingers crossed) it looks like it's going to set perfectly.

My apples made six jars - three smaller ones and three ordinary-sized ones. They keep making alarming popping noises as the lids seal themselves! Can't wait to try this year's batch - last year's was seriously addictive! If you've got a surplus of apples, give it a go - it's so easy and unbelievably delicious.

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