Thursday, 7 July 2011

My name is Allie...

...and I have a problem with shoes.

This is my shoes-and-coats wardrobe:

Whenever I have to look for a new flat to rent (which I hope with all my being I won't have to do again anytime soon) one of my top priorities is to make sure it has enough storage for shoes. My previous flat had a cupboard in the hall that was just perfect, and my current flat has three brilliant built-in wardrobes.

I was beginning to despair at the state of my shoe cupboard, so I've just had a bit of a tidy and a sort-out. With the exception of a couple of wet weather staples, I've put all my wintry shoes in the boxes at the top of the wardrobe, and I've moved my sandals and more summery shoes to the more accessible boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe. I've also thrown away a few pairs that were on their last legs...and there still isn't room for everything!

Shamefully I also rediscovered a few pairs that I'd completely forgotten about - and that made me realise that I must stop buying new shoes (honestly, I have shoes in every possible colour and shoes suitable for every possible occasion - I do NOT need any more!) and wear the ones I have instead. Because despite having an entire wardrobe of shoes, I find myself sticking to the same few pairs. At the moment I switch between my tan flat brogues, my leopard-print flats, my tan strappy sandals and a couple of other pairs. Boring!

So I'm starting with these:

I bought them in New Look at least two years ago, and I can only remember wearing them once since then. I'm wearing them around the house this evening to see if I can work out what the problem was (did they hurt my feet? Give me blisters? Keep falling off?) and if I can't work it out, then I'll have to wear them more often, because they're really nice! They've got a little wedge heel and they look fab with skinny jeans.


  1. I have now discovered - after wearing them to work, typical - that the shoes pictured above not only fall off my feet, but give me blisters as well. I've bought some heel insert things to try to get them to stay on, but it's really not looking good - I fear I might have to give up and send them to the charity shop! Which is a real shame, because they're lovely and they look fab with the outfit I'm wearing today.


  2. Shame as they're so cute. I find with a lot of ballet pumps/flats that it's really difficult to tell how comfy they're going to be until you've actually tried to wear them for a whole day

  3. They might be OK after all...the heel grips really work, and I think if I give them a rest and get rid of the blisters, I might be able to wear them!


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