Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Veg Box Day: 2/10/12

This is the first veg box I've had for ages, what with being away and everything. It's a good one, though! I got onions, carrots, salad potatoes, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, broccoli and what they called 'true spinach', which just means proper big spinach leaves instead of the little baby ones.

I used some of the spinach, broccoli and potatoes to make a big salady thing with mustard mayo to go with a poached salmon fillet, and I also made a batch of carrot and chickpea curry, with lentils and more of the spinach, which went in the freezer. Nigella made a pasta and courgette thing on her Nigellissima programme the other night, which may well feature in my culinary future! Or I could make my mum's amazing zucchini cake...

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