Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WIAW: Running

I've gone for the Polaroid approach again for this week's What I Ate Wednesday! Well, it's much easier to snap a quick photo of my lunch at work with my phone than it would be to get my camera out - my office is very small and very friendly, but I still think people would think I was barking mad if they saw me taking photos of my food!

Anyway, today started off with some Mornflake instant oats with oatbran, topped with a sprinkle of crack Tesco Finest nut granola.
And lunch was a bowl of New Covent Garden 'Jammin Jamaica' soup, which was lovely and spicy, plus a couple of Krisprolls with a Laughing Cow cheese triangle spread on them.
Plus (unpictured) a small handful of chips - whoops! One of my workmates had fish and chips for lunch and I 'helped' her eat a few chips. I also had a chocolate digestive at about 3.30, but we'll gloss over that as well!

Before my run, I had my usual couple of rice cakes (just plain today) and a nakd bar...

...and then supper (after another 39-minute run - I got a PB last week but I had to stop at some traffic lights today, boo) was a fabulous veggie fry-up with a fried egg, beans, mushrooms and two Linda McCartney Italian sausages. Yum yum - protein-tastic!
As usual, head on over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else has been eating!


  1. Haha, I'm almost over being embarrassed about taking pics of my food (but I do always use my phone camera), I even managed to capture my hairy legs at Zumba last night (it remains unpublished though ;-)

  2. Happy belated WIAW!!!

    Your fry-up looks yummy.

    I'm trying to remember if we have naked bars in the US. I think I've seen them but I don't think they have one called Berry Cheeky because I don't think people would get it. LOL!


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