Monday, 26 September 2011

30: Take One

As I mentioned, on Saturday we had a party at my parents' house. It was a celebration of many things - my sister's boyfriend's 30th birthday, which was last month, my 30th birthday, which is in three weeks' time, and it was also a last hoorah for the old family home, as my parents are moving at the end of October.

We had a LOT of food (are you surprised?) and a LOT of wine! Highlights food-wise included this lentil and artichoke salad, which I based on this recipe from Newlywed, Newly Veg:

...smoked mackerel paté, which we made Suze-friendly by whizzing up the smoked mackerel fillets, lemon juice and black pepper with Oatly oat cream instead of the usual creme fraiche or yogurt (this went in minutes - people were all over it!)

...and a vast amount of bitesize chocolate brownies (gluten- and dairy-free, not that anyone noticed!) using my favourite brownie recipe.

There were also freshly-picked apples from my parents' orchard! Plus a whole barbecue with burgers, sausages, piri-piri prawns and veggie kebabs.

Then there was a LOT of karaoke (my dad has the most amazing karaoke machine, and we had 100 60s songs and 100 90s songs to choose from!) and on Sunday a few of us went on a trip to Lyme Regis for some restorative sea air (and the most enormous ice cream cones!)

It really was the perfect send-off for the house, and the perfect way to kick off my 30th birthday celebrations - this is the first of three birthday events that I have planned!

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