Friday, 17 September 2010

Weekword: Curiosities

I signed up for Weekword - each week, a blogger suggests a word as a springboard, and people sign up and then post about that word on their own blogs. Emma at The Gift Shed suggested this week's word, which is 'curiosities'.

To be perfectly honest I sort of forgot about it and I ended up having a really busy week, so I feel a bit like I'm doing my homework at the last minute! Looking at other people's blog posts on the theme, it seems like a lot of people have collections of interesting bits and pieces. I don't have one of those, but I thought I'd take a few photos of some vaguely intriguing things from my house!

Next week I'm choosing the word, so make sure you check back on Monday to see what I come up with!

Firstly, we have a little mosaic flowerpot - I decorated it myself at the London Transport Museum's open evening, and I was commended on my artwork (!)

Secondly, an actual fossil which I found on the beach at Lyme Regis. My sister and I used to spend hours there trying to smash rocks apart with hammers in the hope of finding a beautifully preserved ammonite, but this teeny tiny creature is the only fossil I've ever found!

Thirdly, a little wooden box with buttons embedded in its sides. I actually bought this as a Christmas present a few years ago for one of the girls I was friends with at uni, but our planned Christmas meet-up never got organised and it was months before I saw her again - by that time it seemed silly to give her a Christmas present, so I ended up keeping the box.

And finally, a vase that was left behind in the flat by the previous tenant. I think it's strangely nice!


  1. It came together very nicely for last minute. I especially like your fossil and mosaic flowerpot!

  2. I love your flower pot! I also have the button box, one of the many things I bought when I was working at Paperchase. Oh, to have 50% discount again...

  3. how exciting - my husband & I rented a flat in London this summer... we watched a performance at the Globe Theater and also spent 4 hours at the Transport Museum!

    here's the link to one (there's another several days later) about the Globe Theater...

    glad you participated in WEEKWORD - it's fun to stretch your mind! I too forgot about posting, but after browsing my pics I found something that made me "curious"....

    hope we'll see you next week...

  4. Great curiosities! I really liive the flowerpot, too... great work. I also like the button box a lot. :-) Looking forward to your choice next week!

  5. That button box is fab! Looking forward to seeing which word you choose for this week :)



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