Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I'm trying to eat more protein, which can be difficult when you don't eat meat and don't like the fact that cooking fish makes your flat smell! But Tesco had raw king prawns for £3 a pack, which I thought was pretty good, so I bought some - I'm also trying to be more adventurous with my fish/seafood eating! There was a slight issue with the fact that I'd assumed the veiny bit that you have to remove would be along the back of the prawn, but actually it was underneath, so I had to perform some fiddly surgery before I could cook them! But then I stir-fried them with courgette, mushrooms, red onion, wholewheat noodles, cashews and a sauce made from soy sauce, chilli and peanut butter. They were very nice and not at all flabby and fishy-tasting as ready-cooked prawns can sometimes be. Protein-tastic!

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